The Animated Short Lars von Trier Made When He Was 11

Words like “adorable” and “cute” don’t come readily to mind when talking about Danish director Lars von Trier, but that’s exactly how you can describe the stop motion animated film he made when he was 11 years old. Sure, you can also describe the two-minute short — Turen til Squashland: En Super Pølse Film (The Trip to Squash Land: […]

Zentropa Files Complaint against DFI

Zentropa has released the following criticising the DFI’s decision to impose stricter requirements for Zentropa receiving subsidies:   Zentropa hereby files a complaint concerning DFI’s decision to set stricter requirements for Zentropa when Zentropa receives film subsidies in the future. Zentropa notes, first of all, that we fully recognise the role of DFI in film […]

25,000 went to the cinema under the Midnight Sun

For the first time, Midnight Sun Film Festival director, Finnish film historian and directorPeter von Bagh walked along his own street from the festival centre (at Sodankylä Municipal School) to the Lapinsuu Cinema for last week’s opening of the 29th edition of the festival: the village with 8,809 inhabitants and 35,000 reindeer, 129 km north of the Arctic Circle, […]

Lars Von Trier producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen plans Viking epic The Long Ships

EXCLUSIVE: Maverick Danish producer Peter Aalbaek Jensen has announced details of his new $15m Viking movie The Long Ships – and that long-term collaborator Lars von Trier is planning an action movie. Speaking at the Film i Vast reception in Cannes, Jensen said The Long Ships (Rode Orm) – directed by Hans Petter Moland (In Order of Disappearance) and […]

TrustNordisk sells Levring and sets up own shop

TrustNordisk, which will this year be doing business for the first time ever from an apartment (23 Rue des Etats-Unis), is selling Kristian Levring’s Cannes entry The Salvation [+] and should also be handling the director’s new film, Detroit, a horror written by Lars von Trier. Although at the time of going to press TrustNordisk was reluctant to give any details about the […]