Thousand Times And Blind Rule At Amanda Nominations

Erik Poppe’s A Thousand Times Goodnight (Paradox) and Eskil Vogt’s Blind (Motlys) are leading Norway’s annual Amanda film nominations with seven chances each to win a statuette, notably for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress. The two films are competing for Best Film with last year’s top grossing film, The Christmas of Solan and Ludvig(Maipo […]

“A Thousand Times Goodnight” is Set to Go Abroad

More than 3 months after its national release, A Thousand Times Good Night is set to go overseas. The film, directed by Erik Poppe and starring the French Juliette Binoche as a top war photographer is still a big film in Norway, where it has exceeded 100,000 admissions. On the 19th of February the German international […]