Father of Four and My Sister’s Children are still kids’ favourites

Both in their fourth generation, the Danish family franchises Father of Four and My Sister’s Kids are still children’s favourites and will shortly launch new instalments – FoF:On a Wild Holiday and MSK: My Gold Rush Adventure, which are both filming in Denmark and Canada. The production of On a Wild Holiday in western Jutland got off to an unhappy start, when lead actress Bodil […]

Sweden, Denmark, Norway in Running for LUX Prize

  The top ten films in the Official Selection for the LUX Prize 2014 were announced yesterday at the 49th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Sweden, Denmark and Norway got the following films included in the selection: White God, by Kornél Mundruczó (Hungary, Germany, Sweden) Ida, by Pawel Pawlikowski (Poland, Denmark) Turist (Force majeure), by Ruben Östlund (Sweden, Denmark, France, Norway) The […]

Portrait of an Artist at Karlovy Vart

The documentary “Tal R: The Virgin”, about one of Denmark’s most prominent visual artists, has been selected for the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. This marks director Daniel Dencik’s third time at the Czech festival, kicking off on 4 July. Artist Tal R is the subject of Daniel Dencik’s documentary “Tal R: The Virgin”, which has been picked […]

Norwegians pull funding out of ‘1864’ TV series

The producers of the television series ‘1864’, which is due to air on DR1 this autumn, have lost 2 million kroner in support cash from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) because the production does not live up to NFI’s requirements regarding how many Norwegians are employed by the production. “We had thought we would use […]

Runarsson Shooting Sparrows

Rúnar Rúnarsson, a graduate from the National Film School of Denmark, will start shooting his coming-of-age drama “Sparrows” from July 14 in his native Iceland. The story follows Ari, 16, who lives with his mother in Reykjavik. When she goes abroad to start a new job, Ari is forced to move back with his father […]