IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Change to the ‘Call for Papers’

Last month I sent out a questionnaire asking about the content in the Cinema Scandinavia magazine. The majority of responses mentioned wanting articles about festivals, interviews, or reviews of new releases. It seemed there was a general consensus that people wanted up-to-date information about Nordic cinema. After some thought, there is going to be some restructuring […]

New Festival, Aarhus Independent Pixels, Calls For Submissions

Aarhus Independent Pixels hereby invite all Nordic, low-budget independent filmmakers and photographers to submit their work to AIP 2014. Aarhus Independent Pixels 2014 will be held on October 17th – 19th and will be located at and around the newly established centre for cultural production ‘Godsbanen’ ( in the city of Aarhus, Denmark. It will be four intense days of […]

Labrador Offers Film and Photography Workshops in Iceland This Summer

Production company Labrador offers film and photography workshops in Iceland this spring and summer. The workshops will be headed by photographer Mika Ceron and cinematographer Bowen Staines respectively. Each workshop lasts for one week and involves extensive travelling around Iceland, presenting participants with various challenges in terms of the environment and camera technique. Full information on the […]

National Europe Market Share Shows Strong Nordic Cinema

The Danish Film Institute has released information regarding Europes cinema market share, and it shows Nordic cinema in an overall strong place, with Denmark coming out on top. In total, sold 4.1 million tickets for the Danish film, representing a market share of 30.0%. Only two European countries had a higher domestic market share than Denmark […]