Why Should I Donate?

Cinema Scandinavia is a growing online magazine. Currently, everything is managed by Emma, who is doing everything entirely out of her own pocket. At times this can be quite difficult. The magazine is free to download, and we would like to keep it that way. We would also like to keep it free of advertisements. However, we are in need of funds to grow the magazine. Our plans for Cinema Scandinavia are:

  • Create a website independent from WordPress
  • Have free iBook versions of our magazine so it’s easier to read Cinema Scandinavia on your iPad or tablet
  • Create a printed edition of the magazine to be sent straight to your home
  • Pay for higher quality content to improve the look and feel of the magazine
  • Create business cards and samples to distribute to various film institutes and centres around the world and expand Cinema Scandinavia to be sold in those locations.
  • Keep using high quality programs such as inDesign to ensure well made magazines
  • Hire others to design content and layout

With your help it’ll be more possible to achieve these things and keep providing monthly film news from the Nordic region.

Okay great! How do I donate?

We are linked to a Paypal account. Simply click the button below and it’ll guide you from there!

Donate Button

Printed Magazine

As Cinema Scandinavia is working towards being a printed magazine, we are looking to get a general idea of how many people would purchase it. Since costs of printing are high, it’s not profitable unless there are 25-30 people a month willing to purchase.

Due to artists and writers contributing for free, any profit made on the magazine will go directly into expanding the website. The first step is to become independent from WordPress. None of the money will go to me, but rather to the page so it can be better designed for you guys!

Please fill out the poll below, and if you want to be noticed if they go on sale fill out your details below.

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