The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared review: Mark Kermode

There’s a hoary old gag that Scandinavian humour is no laughing matter. Appropriate, then, that this picaresque Swedish revisiting of the central riffs of Forrest Gump offers scant laughs as our explosive anti-hero pinballs his way through the highlights of 20th-century history, his path variously crossing with those of Franco, Stalin, Truman, Oppenheimer and Reagan. Instead we get […]

The Nordic answer to Forrest Gump: BBC Review of the 100 Year Old Man

It’s an eccentric tale with an even more arresting title. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of a Window and Disappeared, by author Jonas Jonasson, sold six million copies and has been translated into 38 languages since it was originally published in his native Sweden in 2009. Now it’s hoped the story will […]

Indiewire ‘Someone You Love’ Review

“Someone You Love,” the latest film from Danish filmmaker Pernille Fischer Christensen, centers on the complicated, though universal issue of family, and everything that that entails — love, heartbreak and hope. Even for someone who seems to have a charmed life, you can’t escape family, and the responsibilities, joys, and drama along with it. Thomas Jacob […]

Shiny, Happy, Fake Sweden: We are the Best! Review

It’s more worthwhile to review movies than to review reviews, but it’s impossible not to notice the ninety-six-per-cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes for “We Are the Best!,” a pallid and terminally cutesy movie that succeeds by stoking blandly happy feelings. It’s a work of self-congratulatory and sentimental escapism for the art-house audience, a sort of “No Sex […]

We are the Best! Receives Great Reviews Overseas

Lukas Moodysson’s latest feature film WE ARE THE BEST!, which world premiered at the Venice International Film Festival 2013, is receiving great reviews after its opening in the US. The film revolves around Bobo, Klara and Hedvig, three young outsiders in 1980s Stockholm who despite their differences find unity in music and form a punk […]

Swedish Auteur Takes On a Brave Loner

The New York Times has released an article reviewing the latest Jan Troell film, The Last Sentence, as well as a brief overview of his life. Check it out here or below: From “High Noon” to “Silkwood” and “The Insider,” the courageous loner who stands up to evil at great personal risk is a familiar film figure. Now the Swedish master Jan Troell has added […]