Father of Four and My Sister’s Children are still kids’ favourites

Both in their fourth generation, the Danish family franchises Father of Four and My Sister’s Kids are still children’s favourites and will shortly launch new instalments – FoF:On a Wild Holiday and MSK: My Gold Rush Adventure, which are both filming in Denmark and Canada. The production of On a Wild Holiday in western Jutland got off to an unhappy start, when lead actress Bodil […]

Otto Is A Rhino ready for the rest of the world

Danish director Kenneth Kainz’s fully-animated Otto Is A Rhino[+] (2013), from Danish author Ole Lund Kirkegaard’s children’s book classic, is the first Danish kidpic to be picked up by a US major: Universal Pictures will start its worldwide release of the Crone Film production on 26 June in Germany, followed by territories where it has not yet been sold […]