Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson on “Paris of the North”

Filled with deadpan humour and a brilliant soundtrack, Sigurðsson once again tells a story of two people forced together in isolated surroundings. Here Hugi, a teacher in a small village in the east of Iceland, receives a visit from his father, Veigar. While Hugi tries to discover what to do with this life – while […]

The Best of Icelandic Cinema (With Subtitles): Screenings at Bíó Paradís

 In the four years since Bíó Paradís opened, the cinema has become a hub for Icelandic independent films as well as others that would not be shown elsewhere. In 2010, Programme Director Ása Baldursdóttir started ‘Cool Cuts,’ a summer series of Icelandic films with English subtitles. Though certainly a boon for tourists interested in Icelandic […]

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Change to the ‘Call for Papers’

Last month I sent out a questionnaire asking about the content in the Cinema Scandinavia magazine. The majority of responses mentioned wanting articles about festivals, interviews, or reviews of new releases. It seemed there was a general consensus that people wanted up-to-date information about Nordic cinema. After some thought, there is going to be some restructuring […]

Attention, Aspiring Filmmakers: Here’s How You Can Go To Iceland This Fall

These days, making films in the States is simply boring. Too many fakers, too many issues, too many worries. But you know what place doesn’t have these problems? Iceland; the home of pickled herring, rye bread, and Brennivin (A.K.A ‘Black Death’). It’s a freaking utopia. So the Reykjavik International Film Festival’s Talent Lab is inviting aspiring […]

Scandinavian Film Festival brings Nordic noir down under

Denmark is the happiest country on Earth. Never mind the weather; according to numerous studies – including the European Union’s “Eurobarometer” well-being survey, the Gallup World Poll, the United Nations’ World Happiness Survey and Oprah Winfrey – life in wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen is exactly that. Finns, on the other hand, have the world’s best education […]

Nordic Admissions: Slow Summer Start But In Iceland Life is Beautiful

The football World Cup and early invasion of Hollywood tentpole films are putting pressure on local films across the Nordic region, except in Iceland where Life in a Fishbowl (pictured – Vonarstraeti) has become the best-selling film of 2014. After six weeks on screens, the multiple layered drama directed by Baldvin Z was still third […]

Life in a Fishbowl Most Watched Film (in Iceland) this Year

Vonarstræti (Life in a Fishbowl), directed by Baldvin Z, is the most watched film in Iceland so far this year, surpassing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, according to a press release from distributor Sena. A total of 40,000 Icelanders have seen the film, which has so far grossed ISK 55 million (USD 483,000, EUR 354,000). The film, starring Hera […]

RIFF open for submissions

Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF) will be accepting submissions of films of all types for its 11th annual festival until July 15. The deadline for submissions for the TransAtlantic Talent Lab is also July 15. For further information on how to submit your film, click here. The TransAtlantic Talent Lab is for young talents from Europe […]

Of Horses and Men picks up Brussels film award

Icelandic movie Of Horses and Men has picked up the Golden Iris Award for best film at the Brussels Film Festival in Belgium. The Benedikt Erlingsson-directed movie centres on Icelandic horses, and the men and women who live and work alongside them, through the horses’ perspective. Love, death and tragedy are all interlaced with each other on […]

Runarsson to shoot Icelandic fjords drama

EXCLUSIVE: Runar Runarsson, the director of Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2011 selection Volcano, will start shooting his second feature in Iceland on July 14. The new film, Sparrows, will shoot for six weeks — briefly in Reykjavik and then primarily around Flateyri, Ísafjörður and Bolungarvík in the west fjords of Iceland. The story follows a 16-year-old Icelandic […]