Cinema Scandinavia is an English-language news page and monthly magazine about Scandinavian cinema. The aim of the website is to bring the films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to a wider international audience and give the cinema recognition globally. The future plans for Cinema Scandinavia include taking it to various Nordic film festivals to give them exposure, and publishing the magazine in print form to be distributed world-wide.

The news portion of the website brings daily updates from major Scandinavian film news websites, translates them to English, and publishes them for the wider audience.

The magazine portion of the website asks fans of Scandinavian cinema to write articles about whatever it is they like about the films, and each month their work can be published and shared. The articles are written in English and analyse various aspects of Scandinavian cinema that may otherwise not be published in English. The magazine also provides information on global releases of Scandinavian films, as well as festivals occurring world-wide that feature Scandinavian films.

The website and magazine is run by Emma Robinson, a Masters student in Melbourne, Australia, who is currently completing research in representations of Scandinavian culture in the cinema. Her previous work includes a thesis on German Expressionism, and articles about popular culture such as Breaking Bad. Emma travels frequently to Norway, where she is hoping to expand the magazine.

The website is constantly looking for volunteers and exposure. If you think you can help out, or would like Cinema Scandinavia to cover your festival/film/page, email Emma at cinemascandinavia@gmail.com

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