IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Change to the ‘Call for Papers’

Last month I sent out a questionnaire asking about the content in the Cinema Scandinavia magazine. The majority of responses mentioned wanting articles about festivals, interviews, or reviews of new releases. It seemed there was a general consensus that people wanted up-to-date information about Nordic cinema. After some thought, there is going to be some restructuring in the content for the magazine.

The aim of the magazine is going to shift from being a majority in analyses to being more current topics. The idea of a monthly theme is going to go, and instead the magazine will focus on a variety of topics that are relevant to Nordic cinema at present. This allows for more freedom for the writers, and it caters to a larger reading audience. The magazine will still have these analyses as they are a vital to the part the way in which we write for our audience, but there will be a focus towards relevant topics. 

This, of course, changes the way the Call for Papers works. The deadline will still be the 25th day of the month beforehand, but there will be a greater variety in how you choose to write. These are divided into two categories: limited articles and unlimited articles. Limited will be restricted to one article per month, whereas any articles submitted in the unlimited category will be published. This is to ensure a greater variety of content. Articles will still be of the same length, there will just be more you can write about.

I understand that constant changes to our structure can be tedious and annoying, but let me assure you it is for the greater good of the magazine. I really want to cater to a wider audience, and reworking the formula like this will help achieve the best possible outcome for Cinema Scandinavia’s future. I really think we are all working together to get the best model for the magazine, and this is certainly going to achieve that.

Sound good? Great! Now here are the different categories you can write about:

Limited Articles

  • Feature article: This can be on whatever you want, provided it has relevance to current Nordic cinema trends. This article will also be the cover and gain the primary attention. This article MUST be confirmed ASAP.
  • Television: Nordic noir is an area we can’t avoid, so each month an article analysing or reviewing a current or recent Nordic television show will be published. 
  • Scandinavia around the world: Cinema Scandinavia caters to people from all corners of the world, and this section each month will look at the popularity or representation of Nordic cinema in a particular part of the world
  • Watch now: This section will find shorts and feature films available online to watch (legally) or in trailer form and analyse or review them
  • Film of the month: Have a favourite Nordic film? Write an article about it and it will be featured in our film of the month section. (Note: the more ‘unknown’ the better. e.g: no Bergman)

Unlimited Articles

  • Analyses: This is the article where you can write about whatever you’d like, but it must be somewhat relevant to current cinema trends. Writing about older films is accepted, but just ensure it’s relevant and interesting!
  • Reviews: Here you can review new Nordic films that have been recently released theatrically or on DVD in your country
  • Festival reports: If there is a festival in your area, go along and write an article about it!
  • Interviews: If you have a Nordic filmmaker or actor you’d like to interview, we can help you arrange that


  • The feature article must be a minimum of 2000 words, and all other articles are between 500 and 3000 words.
  • All articles MUST be confirmed by Emma (this is to ensure there is no overlapping)
  • Please include all references used
  • Attach a short bio about yourself at the end of the article
  • Attach images if you’ve referenced a particular one
  • Articles are due on the 25th day of the month before release (e.g. the October issue has a September 25 deadline)

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please email Emma at She is more than happy to help you!

I apologise for all the changes, but I hope you can see how great the magazine is shaping up to be!

Download this as a PDF and find more information and article ideas on the Call for Papers page. 


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