A tragicomic love story


Norwegian director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen has received €1 million (NOK 8 million) production funding from the Norwegian Film Institute for her new feature, The Remnants of Pontus Halmstrøm (Pontus Halmstrøms efterlatenskaper).

Award Winning Director

Systad Jacobsen, whose screenplay for her feature debut Turn me on, Goddammit! (Få meg på, for faen/2011) won First Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival, has herself scripted the “tragicomic love story” for Norwegian actress Silje Salomonsen to star in. Salomonsen plays 35-year-old Mie, who meets Pontus and falls in love, head over heels, for the first time in her life. Then he dies. She is left an unhappy widow with a child of seven, obsessed with Bob Dylan.

The Remnants of Pontus Halmstrøm will be produced by Synnøve Hørsdal and Åshild Ramborg for Oslo’s Maipo Film; the Norwegian premiere has been scheduled for April 2016.

via NFI.no


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