This Beautifully Shot Film of Swedish Forests Promotes Free Gasoline


In Sweden, gasoline company Preem is giving away its “green” gasoline for free in order to prove that there’s demand for the product. Preem’s Gasoline of the Future, which has significantly lower carbon emissions than the normal stuff, is awaiting approval by the Swedish government before it can launch on the open market. The company decided to give away 5000 free liters to put pressure on politicians.

This beautifully shot film, by Forsman & Bodenfors, encourages people to collect their liter and spread the message (it’s also backed up by print in all Sweden’s major newspapers). Directed by Oskar Wrangö at Camp David, its message is presented as a series of installations done in a forest. There are no digital effects and every installation is accompanied by a specific sound, created exclusively for Preem by composer Mattias Petersson.

You can watch the video via


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