Portrait of an Artist at Karlovy Vart


The documentary “Tal R: The Virgin”, about one of Denmark’s most prominent visual artists, has been selected for the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. This marks director Daniel Dencik’s third time at the Czech festival, kicking off on 4 July.

Artist Tal R is the subject of Daniel Dencik’s documentary “Tal R: The Virgin”, which has been picked for competetion at Karlova Vary. Framgrab.

Israeli-born, Copenhagen-based artist Tal R has been praised for his exquisite sense of colour and composition. Though probably best known for his paintings, he has also decorated the Danish Opera and the Danish Crown Prince’s residence, both in Copenhagen.

Now, Tal R is the subject of author and documentarist Daniel Dencik’s “Tal R: The Virgin” which has been picked for the documentary competition at the Czech film festival in Karlovy Vary. The film premiered at CPH:DOX in 2013 and is Dencik’s third documentary. His earlier works, “Moonrider” (2012) and “Expedition to the End of the World” (2013), were also shown at Karlovy Vary.

Present too at this year’s festival are Danish producers Ditte Milsted and Jacob Jarek of Profile Pictures. Milsted and Jarek have co-produced the Icelandic-French-Danish feature “Paris of the North” which Icelander Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðssoner directed. The film is selected for the festival’s main competition.


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