Cinema Scandinavia: Changes are coming!

Hello readers,

Firstly, thank you for coming to Cinema Scandinavia. The website started up in January and already has a strong following.

The website is constantly expanding in fans and it is for that reason from July there will be a brand new website online. It’s really exciting and is looking fantastic. It will include an extensive database of Scandinavian films that you can edit, as well as information about festivals all over the world, releases all over the world, interviews and reviews, and of course the daily news.

The magazine is also undergoing some changes. It is currently in the process of obtaining an ISSN to give it an academic edge, and I’m considering making a quarterly academic journal with the top articles in. At the moment the magazine has been released monthly, which has been well received amongst readers. However, due to costs of running a webpage and the time needed to ensure the issues are out monthly, the magazine will be cutting back to every two months. It may even go down to being quarterly.

However, if the magazine was to be run monthly, it’ll need to be a paid service. I do not wish to place those ugly ads on the sidebars of the website, or clutter the magazine with them. This is why I’ve come up with the idea of charging a small fee to download the magazine. Below is a poll asking for your opinion. If the majority do not wish for a paid service, the magazine will remain free. I don’t want to force people to pay for something if they don’t want to. So please answer the poll below (it takes a second!) and I’ll provide an update in around a months time as to whether or not the magazine will cost.



How much will you charge? 

At the moment I’m thinking around $5AUD (2.5GBP, $4.70USD, 3.50Euro). The Bergman issue of the magazine was 100 pages, so I think charging that amount will be great value.

Will you keep the articles on the internet?

At the moment I’m not sure. Putting them online provides great accessibility and the individual pages are popular. I would definitely like to.

Would the quarterly journal be free?

I’m hoping to make that free. It’ll work more for the academic side and provide a great resource for those in school or university to reference articles released via Cinema Scandinavia

Will there be a subscription service?

I’d definitely include a cheaper subscription option.

I am/want to be a writer. Would I have to pay to read my own articles? What benefits do the writers get?

Anyone who has an article published via Cinema Scandinavia will get the magazine for free, as well as a free subscription. If the magazine gets over a certain amount of downloads, I will give a portion of the money earned to the writers. They do a lot of work and I really want to benefit them in whatever way possible.


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