An Ambassador Resigns

jan erik holst

After 25 years with the Norwegian Film Institute, executive editor Jan Erik Holst – also known as the Ambassador of Norwegian Cinema abroad – has decided to retire from his job. He has worked with film since 1970.

From film clubs to Film Institute

From chairman and manager of the Federation of  Norwegian Film Clubs, Holst became programmer at the Bærum Municipal Cinemas and head of the State Centre of Film Studies, before he joined the Norwegian Film Institute in 1988 as ceo. After the restructuring he became head of the film department and later the international department.

Aamot Statuette

At the annual meeting (2-3 June) in Norwegian cinema association, Film & Kino, Holst was awarded with the Aamot Statuette – the organisation’s honorary prize – “an outstanding contribution to Norwegian film or film production. Holst has always been a source of inspiration for young and old film enthusiasts,” said the committee’s chairwoman, Norwegian director Anja Breien.

Represented Norwegian cinema worldwide

Holst has represented Norwegian cinema at all major festivals worldwide, he has organised film weeks and film exhibitions, where he has also been a speaker and lecturer. Former chairman of the Amanda committee and Scandinavian Films, the umbrella organisation for the Nordic countries, he has written several books, including Films in Norway, about 100 years of Norwegian cinema.

via the Norwegian Film Institute


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