The Norwegian Short Film Festival Winners


The 37th Norwegian Short Film Festival handed out their awards and honors tonight. The Good Life, over There by Izer Aliu won the The Golden Chair for Best Norwegian Short Film. The Golden Chair for Best Norwegian Documentary was awarded No Words for Worry by Rune Jarle Wiik. The Terje Vigen Award was granted the film Upside Down Everything Is Abstract … My Father Said by Anne Haugsgjerd. The Music Video Award was granted Kaja Gunnufsen – Faen ta by Thea Hvistendahl. The Golden Chair for Best International Short Film was this year won by Marc Jacobs directed by Sam de Jong. In total 54 Norwegian short films, 23 international short films, 11 Norwegian documentaries and 20 music videos have been competing for the awards that were handed out at the ceremony in Grimstad Culture House. THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best Norwegian Short went to The Good Life, over There by Izer Aliu. The winner is awarded NOK 50 000 presented by the Norwegian Film Institute. Izer Aliu (b. 1982) went straight into post-production of his debut feature Hunting Flies after completing The Good Life, over There. Aliu has won an Amanda and several international awards. He also won The Golden Chair last year with To Guard a Mountain. The judges says the following about the winner: The winner of this year’s Golden Chair is a film whose director – with an exceptionally gifted use of character and space – creates a cool and humanist portrait of male relationships. To an unusual length, the film trusts its audience and takes us assuredly into an otherwise closed universe, where a lot is at stake without it ever being said aloud. The film demonstrates the art of not giving away too much or too little. With brilliant use of dialogue, expert acting and assured instruction of the actors, we are surprised and entertained by a voice we look forward to hearing more from. THE TERJE VIGEN AWARD went to Upside Down Everything Is Abstract … My Father Said by Anne Haugsgjerd. The prize is a bronze statuette made by artist Harald Oredam and NOK 10 000 presented by the Municipality of Grimstad. The award is combined by a production grant valued at 50 000 NOK given by the Grimstad based studio and rental company EQUIPPE. The jury says this about the winner: The jury succumbs to an apparently rough story, but at the second look it is consequent in its choices. It is a lopsided, humorous and wise portrait of the filmmaker herself and her father, who refuses to exhibit his art. The daughter is carrying her father’s many unsold paintings as if a cross, not like a Jesus, but like a Jacques Tati. The film seems local at first sight, but bit by bit it opens up into a solid and unpretentious artist portrait at a high international level. The film demonstrates a brilliant understanding of art, in its story of a symbiotic love relationship – not only between father and daughter, but also between the filmmaker and the pictorial arts. Honourable Mentions went to Bamse by Bård Ivar EngelsåsSKAM byFALCK and Uten deg by Marius Myrmel. The MUSIC VIDEO AWARD went to Kaja Gunnufsen – Faen ta by Thea Hvistendahl. The winner is granted NOK 15 000 presented by the music industry member organizations IFPI and FONO. Thea Hvistendahl (b. 1989) was educated as a director at Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo. Her graduation film You and Me, Mommy participated in competition both in Grimstad and at Bergen International Film Festival. She has also won acclaim as a music video director. Faen ta is produced by Andrea Ottmar Berentsen in Frokost Film. Honorable Mentions went to Emilie Nicolas – Grown Up by André Chocron, Lars Vaular – Legender by Stian Andersen and Hanne Kolstø – One plus one makes one out of two by Vibeke Heide. THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best Norwegian Documentary went to No Word for Worry, directed by Runar Jarle Wiik. The winner is awarded NOK 50 000. In No Word for Worry we meet Hook, a young man for whom the sea has always been his life. In an attempt to save his culture, he asks universal questions about identity, love, loss and belonging. Runar Jarle Wiik (b. 1967) is an established director and cinematographer, and his two latest films as cinematographer both won international awards. Wiik has exclusive access to the Moken community, and has spent the last seven years developing No Word for Worry. The film is produced by Christian Lien Jensen in Hallum & Jensen AS and Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas in Ten Thousand Images. The jury says the following in their statement: This Golden Chair Award for Best Norwegian Documentary goes to a big film, both in expression and content. It proves the power of documentaries to make a difference. This is a universal story about the small guy against the great powers. The film is beautifully shot and has a filmic expression in which scenes are allowed to live and the shots are allowed to last for a long time. The director lets us stay in the situations, and does not fall to the temptation of becoming obvious. The filmmaker lets us breathe, even underwater. Honourable Mentions went to Love City Jalalabad by George GittoesA Priest and a Plague by Frithjof Kjæreng and Two Raging Grannies byHåvard Bustnes. THE GOLDEN CHAIR for Best International Short Film went to Marc Jacobs by Sam de Jong. The winner is awarded NOK 50 000. Sam de Jong (b. 1986) graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2012. His graduation film Magnesium premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013 and was the Dutch entry for the Student Oscars. The jury states the following about the winner: The Golden Chair for Best International Short Film goes to a film that is stylised and beautifully crafted, yet still manages to convey a story that is humorous and authentic. The director transports us to a world of lively details and at the same time is able to evoke memories of our own childhood. Dinola by Mariam Khatchvani was nominated for the 2014 European Film Academy Short Film Award. The European Short film 2014 is initiated by European Film Awards in collaboration with several acclaimed film festivals in Europe. The winner will be presented in Riga in December 2014. Honourable Mentions went to Küpeli by Metin Akdemir and Çetin Baskin. The Writer’s guild Norway’s prize, The Hourglass Award, for the best screenplay went to Izer Aliu for The Good Life, over There. The award comprises NOK 10 000. Honourable Mentions went to by Emilie Blichfeldt for How Do You Like My Hair? and Marius Myrmel for Without you. The Norwegian Film Workers Association’s Technical Award of NOK 10 000 went to Helle le Fevre and Bent Holm editing and sound design on the film Yes, We Love. The Norwegian Film Critic’s Award for Best Norwegian Short Film in competition went to How Do You Like My Hair? by Emilie Blichfeldt. This years prize is a graphic art print by the local artist Otoniel Herrera. The “Filmpolitiet” Short Film Award of 10 000 NOK went to Sing lingeling by Aaslaug Vaa and Anders Øvergaard. The competition is being held online, and voting has been taking place from the 6th to the 16th of June. Aust Agder County’s Youth Award went to As Long as Shotguns Remain by Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel. The award is presented by a student jury from Dahlske Upper Secondary School in Grimstad and the prize is awarded to a film in the international programme. Honourable mentions went to Keys of Heaven by Hamy Ramezan, andDémontable by Douwe Dijkstra.



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