Yes We Love received honorable mention in Cannes

yes we love

Norwegian director Hallvar Witzø’s second short film, Yes We Love (Ja vi elsker), received on Saturday May 24th honorable mention from the jury of the short film competition at the Cannes International Film Festival, which ends Sunday. This year Witzø’s 15-minute short was the only Nordic selection for the festival’s main competition.

Very special talent

“Here we are talking about a very special talent for storytelling with Norwegian roots and an international appeal,” says CEO Sindre Guldvog, of the Norwegian Film Institute. “In its own way it deals with Norway’s Constitution Day in this 200th anniversary year, which gives us even more reason to celebrate.”

Student Oscar

Witzø, whose Tuba Atlantic (2010) was awarded for Best Foreign Short Film at the Student Oscars, has himself scripted the story of four Norwegians in an existential crisis – four generations, in four different parts of the country – while all other Norwegians are busy commemorating 17 May.

Male choir

Produced by Elisabeth Kvithyll, for Hummelfilm, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute, Yes We Love – the first words of the Norwegian national anthem – was photographed by Audun G. Magnæs. The cast includes the Stranda Male Choir, which performed the song several times on the Croisette during the festival, also on May 17.

via the Norwegian Film Institute


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