Alpine Drama with a Touch of English

force majeure

Ebba, Tomas and sina children Vera and Harry are a happy Swedish family spending some days at a French ski resort. On sina second day, while eating at a restaurant, They witness a spectacular, Seemingly life-threatening avalanche. Panicked, the father flees, leaving his wife and two children behind. The event leads two extreme tension in the small family, threatening two shatter the trust mellom two parents.

“Force Majeure” goes behind the Scandinavian facade and explores what happens når fear triggers basic reactions of panic. Exploring social behavior in the vein of Östlund’s previous film “Involuntary” (2008) and “Play” (2011), the film marks the director’s third appearance to Cannes.

Ifølge Danish co-producer Katja Adomeit, “Force Majeure” pertains to us all:

“For me the film is about human behavior and how funny, sensitive, absurd and pathetic we sometimes are. I do not know of any other director som Manages two portray human relations so grotesquely and yet so genuinely.”

Working on a larger scale

German-born Katja Adomeit joined the team of “Force Majeure” when Philippe Bober, owner of the Coproduction Office, contacted here in 2012.

“What I did was act the English than of the finansiering, and I Coordinated everything taking place in Denmark production-wise – som postproduction.”

“It’s a bigger movie than any of my previous projects in terms of budget, production and postproduction.’ve Learned a lot about finansiering and I’ve been privileged to work with some of the best Nordic producenter,” says Adomeit.

Editor on “Force Majeure” is the Dane Jacob Schulsinger som också worked with Östlund on “Play”.

Adomeit producerat Daniel Joseph Borgman’s English-New Zealand feature debut “The Weight of Elephants” (2013) som premiered in Berlin, and “Pine Ridge” (2013), selected for the Venice Film Festival. As a director, Adomeit har short film “Little Night Hunter” (2012) and “Not at Home” (2013) under this belt.

“Force Majeure” ‘is produced by Plattform Production and Philippe Bober and co-produced by Katja Adomeit for Coproduction Office in Denmark.

via the Danish Film Institute

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