Nordisk Film to co-produce Birkebeinerne


The upcoming €6 mill movie will be directed by the Oscar nominated director Nils Gaup, and starring the upcoming Jakob Oftebro (1864, Kon Tiki, In order of disappearance) and Kristoffer Hivju (Game of Thrones). The script is written by Ravn Lanesskog and is based on actual events that took place in Norway in 1206, when these two brave “Birch Legs” (Birkebeinere) saved the baby King Haakon from being killed, by bringing him on an incredible and dangerous journey on skies.
From Nordisk Film, Executive producer Lone Korslund and Head of Production Henrik Zein have negotiated the deal with Paradox producers Stein B. Kvae and Finn Gjerdrum. 
The movie is supported by Norsk Filminstitutt and Eurimages, and is a coproduction between Paradox, Nordisk Film Production, Proton Cinema in Hungary and NewGrange in Ireland.
Shooting starts this year and release is set to Q1 2016. International sales will be handled by Trust Nordisk.

via Nordisk Film


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