The Shamer’s Daughter wraps principal photography


After auditioning more than 4,000 girls all over Denmark, Danish director Kenneth Kainz decided to cast 12-year-old Rebecca Emilie Sattrup and 13-year-old Petra Maria Scott Nielsen, both from Copenhagen, as Dina and her friend Rosa in The Shamer’s Daughter– the €6.7 million first instalment in the four-picture franchise from Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl’s best-selling fantasy series, The Shamer Chronicles.

Scripted by Oscar-winning Danish writer Anders Thomas Jensen, the Nina Lyng andEva Juel-Hammerich production for Denmark’s Nepenthe Film, with Danish majorNordisk Film and the Czech Republic’s Sirena Films, among others, has just completed principal photography mainly at Prague’s Barrandov Studios, where it was filmed on the new permanent historical set originally built for the Borgia television s

Teenager Dina has unwillingly inherited a supernatural ability from her mother, a “shamer”: people who look into her eyes can see their own souls reflected and their hidden guilt revealed, and they feel ashamed of themselves. When the sole heir to the throne of Dunark is accused of murder, Dina’s mother is lured into helping to make him confess; however, when it does not work out as planned, she is taken prisoner, and now it is up to Dina to uncover the truth.

Described as “a swashbuckling adventure in a medieval fantasy world with dragons and magic, kings and knights, tyranny and murder”, The Shamer’s Daughter co-stars Danish actors Peter PlaugborgSøren MallingAllan HydeLaura Bro and Olaf Johannessen; Norwegian actors Jakob Oftebro and Maria Bonnevie; and Swedish actress Stina EkbladNordisk Film is handling Scandinavian distribution and TrustNordiskinternational sales.

via Cineuropa


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