Lars von Trier Writes Horror Flick For Levring

Lars von Trier

In their usual cryptic way and to tease people’s curiosity, Zentropa posted these few words on their website on May 7: “Lars von Trier is currently working on DETROIT, a horror film written for director Kristian Levring”.

Asked to comment, TrustNordisk/Zentropa’s press office said: “This is the only information we have at the moment”.  However the Danish newspaper Berlinske spoke to the Danish director of The Salvation, Kristian Levring who was more vocal about the project: “Lars and I have often talked about making a horror movie – a real horror movie. I’ve always thought that Lars would make the film, but then he came one day and said “I want to write the movie for you,” and he is doing it”. “The inspiration for the upcoming horror film comes from horror classics like The Exorcist but with a slightly different starting point. It’s going to be about a man who literally struggles with inner demons”.

via the Nordisk Film and TV Fond


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