Vuoksenmaa Prepares New Comedy About Adulthood

21 ways to ruin a marriage

Johanna Vuoksenmaa who directed last year’s biggest Finnish hit, 21 Ways to Ruin a Marriage (403,000 admissions) has turned to the bumpy road of personal growth in her new comedy Adult Camp (Viikossa aikuiseksi).

The €1.5m project set in a summer camp for adults in the Turku archipelago was just awarded €730,000 from the Finnish Film Foundation’s 50/50 production support scheme. Dionysos Film is producing. Another experienced female director – Taru Mäkelä – was granted €610,000 for her new relationship feature Baby Girl, Eila and Rampe (Likka, Eila ja Rampe) produced by her company Kinosto. Filming starts in June.

The latest instalments in the successful crime series Vares produced by Solar Films and kids seriesRicky Rapper produced by Artista Filmi were also granted support. Sheriff (Vares-Seriffi) is directed by Hannu Salonen and Risto Räppääjä ja Sevillan saituri by Timo koivusalo, For further information, check:


Via Nordisk Film and TV Fond



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