Theodor Christensen Celebrated in Kosmorama


The Danish Film Institute is celebrating Theodor Christensen with a range of activities: film series, lectures, an exhibition at the Film House and a number of Theodor Christensen’s film on .

Film Institute’s magazine publish in the coming months a series of articles highlighting Theodor Christensen’s life and work from different perspectives. On the anniversary is an introductory article and 1May, the special issue, the Danish documentary people tell about their personal relationship with the birthday boy and his films. Later this year, taking two British researchers Christensen’s film in academic examination.

In this introductory article gets the protagonist himself speak. For most, but not quite. For you go hunting in the extensive collection, DFI store after Theodor Christensen, popping a wealth of interesting documents up to his multifarious activities, which other than he himself has written. A natural stop on the way to a hundredårsfejring is halvtredsårsfødselsdagen in 1954, when colleagues in speech and writing paid tribute to his friend and mentor ‘Theodor’ or ‘tipping’, as he was called among friends. And already half way to the hundred years paints a picture of a completely indispensable figure in Danish documentaries.

via the Danish Film Institute


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