Daniel Dencik Receives Nordic Film Prize 2014


This year, the Nordic Film Prize to Daniel Dencik, who debuted as a documentary director in 2012 with “Moon Rider”. Denciks second documentary, “The expedition to the end of the world”, was nominated for a Robert for Best Documentary and won a number of foreign prices. At the dispensation of Robert prices won Daniel Denciks film “Tal R: The Virgin”, as the price for Best Short Documentary. Together with the Nordic Film Prize was £ 108,000

Nordic film prize was first awarded in 1996 and the last four years focused more on young emerging talent rather than established names. Over the years, directors and screenwriters as Lars von Trier and Anders Thomas Jensen over the place with the prestigious award. In 2010 won film director Michael Noer along with film director and scriptwriter Tobias Lindholm. In 2011, the screenwriter Anders August, while the filmmakers Omar Shargawi and Kaspar Munk has won the talent award the past two years.

Read the full article at the Danish Film Institute


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