Nordisk Film and Tv Fund Launches New Distribution Initiatives

The Nordisk Film and TV fund has today launched four new distribution support projects with an extra budget of more than 3.5m NOK for a trial period of one year. They are placing the focus on supporting Nordic distributors, developing marketing experts and Nordic film roadshows for exhibitors. The aim of this new initiative is to improve the circulation of Nordic films across the Nordic region and respond to the fast changing nature of distribution in the digital world. Here is a brief overview of the four new projects:


1) Digital Distribution Support: The aim of this is to improve Nordic films reaching audiences through different platforms. The films that will be supported can be run on digital platforms that serve either as an addition to, or as an alternative to traditional cinema release. The budget for this is 2 million NOK.

2) Recruited Audience Screening Support: The aim of this is to allow Nordic distributors access to market potential of non-national Nordic films they are considering licence with an audience screening via a single grant support of 40000NOK.


3) Nordic Film Marketing Support: This has been designed to help distributors hire and develop marketing specialist whose task would be to work on theatrical release of 1 to 3 Nordic films in a one year period, with focus on social media and younger audiences. The budget for this is 1 million NOK.

4) Nordic Film Promotion for Exhibitors: This is out to help increase exhibitors awareness of non-national Nordic films and talents. Nordisk will attend distributors/exhibitors trade conventions to present a show-reel of upcoming Nordic films, where possible in the presence of Nordic talents.


For more information and how to apply check out the official press release at the Nordisk Film and Tv Fund website.


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