SFI Announces January’s Production Funding

Two documentaries and two short films have been granted production support by the Swedish Film Institute in January. Erik Gandini, known for his successful film Videocracy in 2009, has written and directed his third feature, a documentary named Lost in Perfection. It is a study and evaluation of the exaggeratedly positive Scandinavian self-image and the optimistic plans for […]

Minneapolis Holding Fifth Annual Nordic Film Festival

The Fifth Annual Nordic Lights Film Festival has been announced, which will be running from Friday until March 6 in Minneapolis.The theme is “fire and ice”. It’s an idea expressed in drama as roiling passions beneath cool outward appearances, in documentary as the chilly reception given to society’s outsiders, and in comedy as dark, sarcastic humour […]

Audience Prefer Local Films in Danish Winter Holidays

Attendance was at record numbers over the winter holiday in Denmark. So much so, that the two biggest blockbusters were Danish and the domestic market share was 51%. According to FAFID, the Danish association of film distributors, a total of 1 245 123 tickets were sold over the winter holiday, the highest number in the […]

Australia Bans Swedish Film over Child Porn Concerns

Censors have refused to classify a 30 year old award-winning Swedish film after an application by the Australian Federal Police. The boards decision to refuse classification for Children’s Island effectively bans the film in the country. Titled Barnens ö in Swedish, the film focuses on an 11 year old boy grappling with the onset of puberty and contains […]